Welcome to the Sumo University Leadership Institute. The purpose of the institute is to develop young  people for leadership, and to recognize that each of us has great potential.  With the proper training and support, we can deliver on our dreams that transcend personal needs and transform lives of all of humanity and country. The work of the institue will be presented through the Arts and Performaning Arts, teaching and  mentoring young people and adults for private and public service, and a love for one another and country. Let's us tell our young people that it is not ok to steal and lie in order to get to the top, but let's promote good ethics, hard work , and honest living in Liberian society and hold one another accountable for our actions.

As a Liberian, my family and I have decided to give back to our country through education and public service. However, we cannot do this work alone, but rather, we will be counting on the good will of friends and strangers who believe in us and Sumo University.

Our Motto for this institute is "When We Give, We Receive". Please don't take this saying likely because it has power in itself. What do you want to give? What do you want to receive? I see Liberia as a place full of opportunities and challenges. I refer to these as a continuum of darkness where our eyes are open but we cannot see anything. However, the good thing about this darkness is that there is a light burning and producing the light we need to see. How we see and manage this light is the subject of the institute. If we as a people do not think and behave differently for the common good, and develop Liberians with good moral behaviors, integrity, trust, character, compassion, fairness, and justice, we will not utilize the vast opportunities God has given us. A society produces a leader who is the total sum of the citizens' behaviors. In other words, our leaders, whether in the private and public sectors or in the homes are the sum of the mirror images of each of us. If we are honest, we will produce honest leaders. If we are corrupt, we will produce corrupt leaders. If we are bad and hate one another, we will produce leaders who will be bad and hate all of us. An orange tree will not produce  apple fruits. Let this light be our north star for a new beginning for our own personal development. Invest in this light and pass it on to the next person not because you want the personal glory or praise, but for the good of humanity. When we remove the focus from our individual needs and wants, and put it on society, the light glows all over Liberia. I thank you for visiting the Sumo University Leadership Institue.